His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God assist Him, proceeded on Friday March 31st, 2017 to lay the first stone of an administrative complex, aiming to bring together all the stakeholders of the port of Casablanca.

A total budget of 340 million Dirhams is devoted to this project, which is part of Morocco’s plan to strengthen the attractiveness of the city and reinforce its role as an engine of the economic development of the country.

It comes as a result of various projects undertaken under the “Wessal Casablanca Port” program (transfer of the fishing port and shipyard and the development of a cruise terminal) and intended to reconvert part of the port area by the creation of a new urban center, the development of the historical district of El Medina and its coastline, as well as establishing the city as a leading destination for culture, business and cruise tourism.

The new port complex serves many objectives : optimizing port areas by gathering the services that were previously dispersed, improving the quality of service to port users, and ensuring a better integration of the port into its urban environment.

Located on a surface of 3,000 square meters, this administrative complex, which will be constructed close to the railway station of Casa Port, will also have an architectural design meeting the expectations of the service providers in terms of reception and functionality.

Among the services expected: common services for staff (nursery, sports area, social and associative facilities), directions, catering and relaxation areas, cafés and restaurants.

The future complex will also be equipped with four basement levels to accommodate technical and logistical facilities and parking for personnel vehicles. It will take into account constraints of durability and high environmental quality.

The project will carried out within 24 months and involves many stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Transport and Logistics Equipment, the Wilaya of Casablanca-Settat Region and the National Agency of Ports.

The construction of the administrative port of Casablanca, the beating heart of the metropolis is in step with the will of His Majesty the King, may God Assists Him, to endow Casablanca with modern infrastructures capable of giving a lasting breath to the renewal of the city and to respond to the legitimate aspirations of its citizens.



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